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Audio Tip
Feb 28, 2015

What is the difference between PEAK / MAX power handling and RMS power?


     PEAK / MAX power is the power a speaker, subwoofer, amplifier, or radio can handle or produce in one burst of energy. PEAK / MAX power ratings are not a realistic measurement of true power capabilities of a productRMS power is a measurement of continuous power. Since music is not just one burst of sound and music delivers sound continuously, the RMS ratings should be the only spec to consider when deciding on the products with the power measurements needed for your system. Let's face It, when looking at a speaker, subwoofer, amplifier, or head unit, we are looking to use these products in our vehicles to play music aren't we? So avoid that super high unrealistic PEAK / MAX power rating companies use to attract you to their products. Instead look at the specifications to the product that will actually matter the most when using it for its intentions ... to play music.

I want to thank Steven and Hans for the attention they allways give ,, it make me feel special , but I guess they do that to all there customers I have been going there for a few years and the service is allways top notch. thank you guys keep up the good work allways a pleasure doing business with soreal sounds.

Posted By: joe a vieira

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