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Audio Tip
Jun 22, 2013

System Tuning, where do I set my gain controls?


    Most consumers use the gain control as a volume knob, IT IS NOT! The gain control is used to properly match the voltage inputs being sent to your amplifier from your head unit. There are specialty tools designed to ensure there is no clipped signal going to the amplifier, thus allowing you to maximize amplifier outputs with out distortion. End results, clean audio with the most output performance your equipment was designed to give you. Once the gain structure is set right, you can now advance in to the second stage of tuning. Different specialty tools will now be used in this second stage of tuning to get the sound quality right. Stay tuned for tips on the next stage of tuning or call us at SoReal Sounds to quickly have your car on the road to great sound!

Thank you Steve for our Drone Mobile remote start. We can start it anywhere from our smartphones,if we forget to lock it we can do it from our smartphones in the house. Steve told us about everything we needed to know about the remote start and showed us how to use it to. Not like other Company's that would just tell you and send you on your way. We even got our windows tinted there to. great job on that to. Very professional company. Will recommend Soreal Sounds to everyone we know. Thank you again. Sonny Chin

Posted By: Sonny Chin

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