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Audio Tip
May 06, 2013

Can I improve the subwoofer system I currently have?


     To those who currently have a subwoofer system working in their vehicles, ever wonder if you could improve the output and sound quality with out buying different amps or subwoofers? You absolutely can! There are various ways to do so.

1) Sound Treatment: There are various products designed to improve the acoustics of any system in any vehicle.
2) Subwoofer Enclosure Upgrades: There are many enhancements that can be made to the inside of your subwoofer's enclosure. For instance enclosure bracing and products to reduce standing waves
3) Tuning: Has your system been professionally tuned? Are your gains matched to it's input voltage ? Are your crossover settings set to optimize the subwoofers capabilities? Is it tuned to your music, your ears, and your car?
4) Proper Cables: Is your installation utilizing proper gauge wiring?
5) High Quality RCAs: RCAs are the only cable in your vehicle that transports the music from your radio to your amplifier. The better quality signal you give the amplifier the better quality it can amplify!

I've had SoReal do a few cars for me both tinting and audio. Had 4 tint jobs and each came out immaculate! Wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Especially with the customer service, product quality, and comfort of shop if waiting around. LOVE SOREAL

Posted By: Daniel Mahoney

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